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Twin Woods
Junior Golf League
Registration Form

Use the form below to register online for the 2016 Twin Woods Junior Golf League. Registration forms also are available at the golf course.

In addition to this form, you must mail or deliver to the golf course these things:

1. Cash or a check for $110, payable to Twin Woods Junior Golf League.
2. The Participant's Waiver and Release Form, signed by your parent/guardian. Click here to retrieve that form.
3. At least one scorecard with your score for a 2015 or 2016 golf game.

Form Tip: To move from item to item, use the tab key. If you hit the return key your form will be sent immediately. If that happens, you can start over where you left off by using the back arrow on your browser.

When you press the "Send" key you will be able to view a screen with the information you typed. If anything is incorrect, fill out and "Send" another form. We will use the latest one you send.

Your Name:

Your Age (10-16):

Your Birth Date:

At Least One Recent Golf Score:

Your Parent/Guardian's Name:
Parent/Guardian's Signature is Required on the Participant's Waiver and Release Form.

Your Street Address:

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School District Where You Live:

Your Home Phone Number:

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Your E-Mail Address:

Emergency Contact Name:

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